Nontime zoneĀ 

June.2021, Installation, Wall clock, Buddha head pot, stocking, Bug monitor, Variable Size, RMIT

Time is simply something created by man because of the relative motion of objects, the concept of time is very abstract. What is time? Time is a measure of the sequence of events in the universe. But when you think about it, what is it exactly? It is intangible, untouchable, of which its existence cannot be felt. Macroscopically, it is the relative movement of the planets due to changes in gravity and magnetic fields between the planets. On the micro-level, it is the different variations of individuals. The so-called no time means that there is no such thing as time in the universe. The new concept of time brought about by the theory of no time is that objective time does not exist in the first place. Time, like the normal and magnetic lines of induction, is a tool to facilitate better calculations and understanding of the laws of nature. It is neither an absolutely constant physical parameter, nor a form of energy created after the Big Bang with no end in sight, nor an imaginary dimension that makes up our world, but all ideas of time arise from our deep-rooted habits of thought.