Can we sleep? 

June.2021, Installation, Glass vase, wine glass, air bed, Variable Size, RMIT

Participants lie on an airbed and the gas squeezed out of it blows bubbles in the water in a glass container. To watch and contemplate water is to pass, to dissolve, to die. At first glance, in Edgar Poe's poetry, one would believe in the diversity of water that the poets generally celebrate. In particular, one would find two kinds of water, the water of euphoria and the water of agony. But there is only one kind of memory. Heavy water can never become light, and gloomy water never becomes bright. It always appears the other way round. The story of water is the story of the water that is dying on earth. The reverie sometimes begins by facing the clear water, the whole surface of which is a vast reflection, with a pleasant tinkling sound. The reverie ends in the midst of the melancholy and somber water, in the midst of the water from which the odd and eerie whispers come. The reverie at the water's edge dies out amidst the renewed sight of the dead, like drowned heaven and earth.